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Peale's Parrot Finch. Erythrura pealii PEALE, 1848 Peale’s Parrot-finches are among the Estrildian finches that got to Europe quite early, already 1898 the first birds showed up in France. There were several attempts to establish the birds among the European aviculturists but with little success. 02/05/2010 · A very bonded pair of Peale's Parrot Finches. Not all pairs will do this feeding behavior,but these guy's are soul mates and have been prolific breeders for me. This is the only species of parrot finch that exhibit this. PEALE’S PARROTFINCH Erythrura pealii Peale’s Parrotfinch, also known as the Fiji Parrotfinch, is endemic to Fiji. This small Parrotfinch is a mainly green bird with a red head and tail and a stubby dark grey beak. It inhabits both forested and open areas, and has adapted well to man-made environments such as grasslands, pasture and gardens. Housing Requirements: Click on "Housing birds" web page for general details on the housing of Non Australian Finches or read on for specific details for this finch. The Peale's parrotfinch may be kept with other finches but with their rarity in Australian aviaries it. 14/10/2019 · Common Health Problems of Finches. Finch / Canary Food The Fiji Parrotfinch Erythrura pealii or Erythrura cyaneovirens peali - also known as Peale Parrot Finch - is a common in Fiji - an island nation in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean northeast of New Zealand's North Island. Description. The back is green. The head is red.

13/05/2016 · Is anyone on here working with the Peales Parrot finches??? Currently breeding, trying to breed ??? Im looking for a few extra males to get a colony started. This is a species that it seems is going to be lost here in U.S without people trying to work with them. Alsi with importing being so strict theses days the blood lines are goung to be. 15/12/2014 · I find that peales have the longest breeding productivity of all parrot finches my best breeders are 4-5 years old and usually very good parents, as with other birds young pairs they are known for pitching their young. 30/10/2019 · My experience with Parrot Finches: I owned a lovely family of red-faced parrot finches for several years and remember these little birds very fondly. It was very endearing to see how family-oriented they were. At one time, as I was carrying soapy water into the aviary for cleaning purposes, one parrot finch managed to fly out of the door. Breeding Parrotfinches - feeding, housing, nests. Blue-faced, Red-headed, Pin-tailed and Forbes or Tricolor Parrotfinches. Plus tips from Graham Lee. Availability of Finches I am a small hobbyist breeder and only occasionally have birds available. I only sell what I raise myself and I make every effort to close band my offspring. As Spring arrives here in the Pacific Northwest, many of my finches are busy building nests and rearing young.

Peales Parrot Finch Erythrura pealii. Other names: Fijian Parrot Finch. Distribution: Fiji. Habitat: Edges of rain forests and mountain forests, also in rice fields, grasslands and gardens.

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